Hello friends!

My name is Bea. I am a Brazilian photographer in the US. 

Photography is a way to express my art and feelings. I love adventures and going to amazing places. If your fur baby is in the photoshoot you will make my day even better.

Photography to me is love.

I got my first camera back in 2004, it was a powerpuff girls pink film camera. Since then I have been telling love stories from behind my cameras. I took my first course in photography in 2014 and got my first job in a studio shortly after that. There I worked editing wedding pictures, creating photography albums and as a photographer assistant. Later on I went to a workshop in Boudoir Photography, where I studied close to amazing photographers and models.

I came to the US about 6 years ago as part of an exchange student program. I paused my photography career for some of those years, but I was still taking many many pictures as a hobby. After a friend asked me to take engagement pictures of her and her now husband, I realized that photography is and will always be my passion and the thing I am best at. So here I am, starting over this amazing journey. 

Welcome to my messy and fun life. I can’t wait to capture your story! 

Creating powerful and memorable moments

Photography to me is like telling a story that will last forever. You can bring the past to the present and future. You can always look back at your memories and remember how especial that moment was. You can show it to your loved ones and let them feel so close to how you felt. Photography is love. Photography is truth. And that is why I am back doing what I love and giving the opportunity for people to also have a part of me!

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